The definitive guide to Java agents - Rafael Winterhalter

Nous continuous nos présentations en ligne ce mois-ci. On en profite pour avoir des gens qui ne viennent pas souvent à Montréal, mais que nous voulons recevoir au JUG depuis un moment.

Cette semaine il s’agit du créateur de ByteBuddy, d’un principal mainteneur de Cglib et de Mockito.

The definitive guide to Java agents by Rafael Winterhalter (in English)

Java agents and their instrumentation API offer developers the most powerful toolset to interact with a Java application. Using this API, it becomes possible to alter the code of running applications, for example to add monitoring or to inject security checks as it is done by many enterprise products for the Java ecosystem.

In this session, developers will learn how to program Java agents of their own that make use of the instrumentation API. Doing so, developers learn how the majority of tooling for the JVM is implemented and will learn about Byte Buddy, a high level code generation library that does not require any knowledge of Java byte code that is normally required for writing agents. In the process, developers will see how Java classes can be used as templates for implementing highly performant code changes that avoid the boilerplate of alternative solutions such as AspectJ or Javassist while still performing better than agents implemented in low-level libraries such as ASM.

Présenté par Rafael Winterhalter

Hi there, I am a full-stack software consultant from Germany, living and working in Oslo, Norway. I am specialized on the Java platform but I do generally enjoy any kind of programming. I am fairly active in developing open source software and I believe in writing clean, modular code. I am regularly blogging about technology. I also enjoy speaking at conferences and user group meetings and was pronounced a Java One Rockstar. I am the author of Byte Buddy, a runtime code generator for the Java virtual machine and won a Duke’s Choice award and a Groundbreaker award for my efforts. I also created documents4j, a document format converter for Java. For my contributions to the ecosystem, I was elected a Java Champion. Get in touch, if you want to talk with me about something that you think that I could help you with.