Microservices with Spring Cloud and Lattice, par Sani

Talk will be in English or French, probably more in English.

Sani Chabi Yo

Sani Chabi Yo, Senior Field Engineer, has been working with Java/Spring for the past 8 years and is a Cloud Solution Architect for the past year at Pivotal, a company that is changing the way enterprise build software. His main interest and expertise are in PaaS, IoT and Spring technologies.


Microservices have become a hot topic. They are very handy to split up functionality into smaller, more maintainable systems. But that comes with a price. Is it worth it? Let see how Spring Cloud can help.

  • See how to put all your configuration settings into a single, external location with Spring Cloud Config Server
  • Make it super simple for your microservices to find each other (no matter how many copies are running!) with Spring Cloud Netflix
  • Handle failures without taking down the entire system using Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker
  • How lattice, a cloud-native application platform can help you orchestrate your microservices.

The presentation will be demo oriented.

Hope to see you all there.

As usual

  • drinks are available thanks to Oracle.