Unlocking Value from Time Series Data with Open Source Tools

Event mostly in English; although questions / comments in French are welcome!

Événement en présentiel - Il n’y aura pas de rediffusion

Participez à notre meetup de rentrée en Septembre ! En présentiel 🎉

Join Zoe Steinkamp, Developer Advocate at InfluxData, for a session where she will share how to take charge of your time series data with InfluxDB open source time series platform using Java. In this session, you’ll learn how open source tools like Telegraf and InfluxDB can help you build real-time applications faster and with less effort. Zoe will also demo how to use InfluxDB to gain visibility and insight into your time-stamped data from the edge to the cloud.

L’évènement se déroulera dans les locaux de TS Imagine, 355 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, 7e étage, Montréal

Ouverture des portes : 17H30 et début de l’événement : 18 h !

Zoe Steinkamp

Zoe Steinkamp is a Developer Advocate for InfluxData. She has worked for InfluxData as a front end software engineer for over two years. Before InfluxData, she worked as a front end engineer for over 5 years in the original AngularJS. S he originally went to a bootcamp for training in Python. Her favorite activities outside of work include traveling and gardening.