Spring Boot by Adib Saikali from Pivotal (26 mars)

Adib Saikali

Adib Saikali is a Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship from assembly to JavaScript from cold calling to pitching venture capitalists. Adib has been building solutions with Spring and Java for the past 10+ years and is currently focused on helping customers harness the power of big data, PaaS and agile methodologies to build amazing products and services.

Talk: Micro Service with Spring Boot

According to Martin Fowler “The term “Microservice Architecture” has sprung up over the last few years to describe a particular way of designing software applications as suites of independently deployable services. While there is no precise definition of this architectural style, there are certain common characteristics around organization around business capability, automated deployment, intelligence in the endpoints, and decentralized control of languages and data.”

The presentation is going to explore the micro services architecture and how to implement micro services with spring boot. The presentation consists of a few slides and lot of live coding with Spring Boot. No previous Spring experience required to follow along the live coding examples.