Soirée spéciale "Reactive" / Reactive Evening

Nous vous proposons pour notre prochain meetup soirée spéciale “Reactive” avec trois speakers venus d’Australie et d’Europe.

For the next meeting, we have a special “Reactive” evening with three speakers coming from Australia and Europe.

Important: Nous ferons tirer un pass pour Confoo, la plus grosse conférence informatique à Montréal.

1. “Clustered Event-Driven Services” (in English / en Anglais)

In 2010 I came across a strange, new (to me!) architecture that the LMAX team used for their Foreign Exchange system. You might have heard about the Disruptor, it came out of this project.

The core of our system is a clustered service which uses the Raft consensus algorithm to reliably replicate state between the different nodes and hosts our application logic. We will take a quick look at Raft and then at the benefits of this design compared to more “mainstream” architectures. This architecture offers a clean separation of concerns between the infrastructure – which takes care of the concurrency, I/O and high availability aspects – and the application logic. The clean architecture is a great fit for domain-driven design. If you fancy building fast, resilient services without a database you should come to this talk!

Présenté par / Presented by: Olivier Deheurles

Olivier Deheurles is one of the co-founders of Adaptive, a consulting firm based in London, New York, Barcelona and Montreal and delivering trading systems for the financial and commodities industries. He is working as a developer and technical architect with 15+ years experience building large scale event-driven systems. He also contributed to several open source projects, including the Disruptor, Aeron and SBE.

2. “Reactive Applications with Eclipse Vert.x” (en français / in French)

Vert.x is a toolkit to write reactive and polyglot applications on the JVM. It comes with a broad and modular ecosystem, which is based on the reactive paradigm. It is both performant and easy to use and allows to create any kind of software: realtime webapps, IoT, protocol adapters, distributed systems. And of course, creating and integrating microservices. This presentation starts with an introduction to Vert.x and its programming model. Then you will learn how to use to leverage several Vert.x features to create an interactive DJ-mixing application.

Vert.x est un toolkit pour écrire des applications réactives et polyglottes pour la JVM. Il fournit aujourd’hui un écosystème complet et modulaire qui intègre le paradigme réactif de bout en bout, performant et facile à utiliser pour tous types d’applications. La richesse de l’écosystème Vert.x permet de développer aussi bien une application web de type temps réel, de faire de l’IoT, d’implémenter des adaptateurs de protocoles, d’écrire des applications distribuées et bien entendu de concevoir et intégrer des micro-services. Cette présentation commence par une introduction à Vert.x et son modèle de programmation. Puis vous apprendrez comment utiliser ses fonctionnalités pour créer une application de DJ-Mix collaborative.

Présenté par / Presented by: Julien Ponge & Thomas Segismont

Julien Ponge is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on reactive things and the Eclipse Vert.x project. He is on-leave from INSA Lyon where he was an Associate Professor in computer science and engineering, and he remains a research member of the CITI Laboratory. Julien has long been involved in open-source communities. In his secret life, he enjoys playing house music sets.

Thomas Segismont is a Vert.x core team member, with a special interest for clustering and monitoring. He started as a developer almost 15 years ago and worked on various projects (finance, tourism, banking, hosting). He lives in Marseille, France with his wife and their four kids. In his free time, he tries to become a better judoka.