Modern Data Streaming and Processing with Apache Kafka and NoSQL, par Leonardo Lima

Modern Data Streaming and Processing with Apache Kafka and NoSQL (en anglais)

Pour la rentrée, le MontrealJUG vous propose de vous plonger dans les flux de données avec Kafka et les bases de donnée NoSQL. For back to school season, the MontrealJUG is happy to host a session about Data streaming with Kafka and NoSQL databases.


Modern microservice-based architecture needs to exchange data in a fast and reliable way.

The use of distributed streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka makes the job easier, but that’s not enough.

Applications also use NoSQL databases to store information that comes from one or more sources. So it makes perfect sense to use Kafka and NoSQL to create a distributed streaming and processing pipeline between applications.

This session explores such architecture, deploying applications using Redis NoSQL Database and sending events to a second application with Kafka and Jakarta EE technologies such as JNoSQL to connect to the database and receive Kafka messages as CDI events.

Présenté par / Presented by: Leonardo Lima

Leonardo Lima is CTO at V2COM, leading the development of both embedded software for edge/field devices and server-side software.

He has more than fourteen years of development and architectural experience on mobile, embedded, and server Java platforms that enable management and operation of highly scalable and fast IoT systems.

Lima is V2COM’s primary representative in the JCP Executive Committee since 2014, JSR 363 co-spec lead and was nominated Java Champion in 2017 for fostering use of Java from edge to cloud.

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Merci à BNC pour les locaux! et Leonardo pour sa présentation!

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