Java Programming Best Practices - Ken Fogel

For 20 years Ken has exclusively taught two final year courses at Dawson College that focus on coding professionally. In the Fall these final year students must code a desktop application and in the Winter they form teams to develop an e-commerce application. In the Fall the warm-up assignment given to the students is usually a disaster. Everyone’s code works but the most common grade is ZERO. In this presentation Ken will examine what his students, and maybe even you, are doing that could be improved. From there he will discuss the practices necessary to ensure that your code not only works but adheres to professional standards and can also be maintained after you leave the company.

Whether you are a new developer or a senior developer thinking of teaching, you should find the session informative. Be warned that Ken is not always serious so be prepared to smile or even laugh from time to time (crying may also occur).

Ken Fogel

Ken Fogel has been a Computer Science teacher at Dawson College and part time instructor at Concordia University for 32 years. He is Java Champion, JCP Executive Committee member, vice-president of the Jakarta EE Ambassadors, conference speaker and coder of examples. Five years ago he started DawsCon, happening online on January 15, 2015, a free to attend one day software conference held each January for students & developers. Learn more at