Indexing in Cassandra, by Ron Cohen

Indexing in Cassandra

In this Meetup, we will look at the indexing options available in Apache Cassandra, and how indexes are created. Indexing options have greatly improved in the most recent versions of Cassandra. We will discuss when to use indexes and also when not to use them Performance considerations will be discussed.

Ron Cohen (@ronroncohen)

I am a Solution Architect at DataStax and have worked at the company for 4 years (focus Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise). Most of my career has ben working with and supporting various DataBase Management Systems (DBMS’s). I enjoy helping users of Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise implement successfully implement their projects. Prior to working at DataStax I worked at Sleepycat Software (Berkeley DB, Berkeley DB Java Edition) which was acquired by Oracle. I have lots of other DBMS experience including relational and inverted list systems as you will see from my Linked In Profile.