Code Generation on the Java VM by Sean Sullivan

Code Generation on the JVM by Sean Sullivan (en anglais)

  • Nous vous proposons ce mois-ci une soirée génération de code sur la machine virtuelle java. Sean Sullivan nous présentera des techniques de génération de code pour accélérer le développement.
  • This month, we offer you a presentation about code generation on the JVM. Sean Sullivan will present to us some code generation techniques to speed up development.


Code generation has become a mainstream technique for building modern Java applications. Whether you are using OpenAPI, GraphQL, or gRPC, your team can leverage code generation to speed up development and reduce defects. This presentation will discuss common code generation techniques. We’ll examine how to automatically generate Kotlin, Java, and Scala code.

Présenté par / Presented by: Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan is a Principal Software Engineer in Portland Oregon. He works on platform systems at Twilio. He is passionate about Scala, code generators, and automated delivery pipelines. Sean is a frequent speaker at the Portland Java User Group.