G1: To Infinity and Beyond / [Recent] Java Performance Musings

Cet événement est un partenariat entre le ChicagoJUG et le MontrealJUG: Stefan Johansson et Charlie Hunt, tous deux ingénieurs sur le JDK chez Oracle viendront nous parler GC et performance de la JVM ! PRESENTATIONS EN ANGLAIS

ChicagoJUG and MontrealJUG present their first co-hosted event with guest speakers Stefan Johansson and Charlie Hunt both JDK engineers from Oracle!

G1: To Infinity and Beyond

Abstract: G1 has been around for quite some time now and since JDK 9 it is the default garbage collector in OpenJDK. The community working on G1 is big and the contributions over the last few years have made a significant impact on the overall performance. This talk will focus on some of these features and how they have improved G1 in various ways, including smaller memory footprint and shorter P99 pause times. We will also take a brief look at what features we have lined up for the future.

Bio: Stefan is a software engineer working in the HotSpot GC-team at Oracle. He joined the GC-team in 2013 and has been active in OpenJDK since then with a focus on the G1 garbage collector. Prior to working with GC in the JVM he was working on other JVM related projects at Oracle/Bea.

[Recent] Java Performance Musings

Abstract: This is a quick hitting presentation of things to keep in mind as one begins the process of architecting and eventual deployment of a Java application. It’s the kind of things that fall into the categories of; “Java runs best when …”, and “gosh I didn’t realize that was the default behavior for the HotSpot JVM”

Bio: Charlie is a performance engineer who works on a variety of Java and HotSpot projects at Oracle. He has been doing performance work for almost 30 years, and Java performance work for over 20 years. He is widely known for co-authoring Java Performance, and has presented at many Java conferences.