Fin d’Année SPRING BOOT end of year CELEBRATION

Event both in English 🇬🇧 and French 🇫🇷! ℹ️ Live event - Speaker Dashaun will be on location; Sébastien en visio ℹ️ Participez à notre dernier meetup de 2023 qui célébrera une année bien chargée 🎉 ! Let’s meet at ExPretio Technologies, 4446 Boul. Saint-Laurent · Montréal, QC sur le Plateau

Spring and Spring Boot do not need any introduction! Come and hear about their latest innovations by two of their most influential contributors, Dashaun (USA) and Sébastien (FR) from the Spring team (VMware) And there’s no end of year celebration without goodies / swag, so try and win some!

On n’a plus besoin de vous présenter Spring et Spring Boot! Venez entendre quelles sont les dernières innovations de ces frameworks avec les présentations de deux excellents ambassadeurs Spring (VMware): Dashaun (Etats Unis) et Sébastien (en visio depuis Lyon)

Et bien sûr, on aura des licences IntelliJ à faire gagner! 📍 L’évènement se déroulera dans les locaux de ExPretio Technologies, 4446 Boul. Saint-Laurent · Montréal, QC sur le Plateau Ouverture des portes : 17H30 et début de l’événement : 18 h 🔥

Sébastien Deleuze “Runtime efficiency with Spring (today and tomorrow)” With Spring Framework 6.1 and Spring Boot 3.2 general availability approaching, we would like to share an overview about several efforts the Spring team is pursuing to allow developers to optimize the runtime efficiency of their applications. We are going to cover (if time permits!!) the following technologies and use cases:

Spring MVC as a lean Virtual Threads web stack on JDK 21 Optimized container deployment with Spring and GraalVM Native Image JVM Checkpoint Restore: Scale to zero with Spring and Project CRaC A glimpse into OpenJDK’s future with Spring AOT and Project Leyden

Dashaun Carter “I just saved a lot of money by switching to Spring Boot 3.2” Spring Boot, the world’s most popular Java framework, has new releases every 6-months. Y You will learn why Spring Boot 3.2 (23/11/2023) is a Big Deal, what 2.7’s expiration means to those who are on it, and how you can protect yourself both now and in the future.