How to Initiate Kids to Java Programming?

Félix Roberge

Felix is a Software Engineering Manager for Intact Financial Corporation in Montreal, Canada. He is leading one of the finest development team, currently responsible for Web & Mobile applications.He began his career as a java developer more than 15 years ago. Before becoming a manager, he held various roles in different organizations such as developer and application architect.

Being an Innovation Evangelist, Felix is also leading a R&D team, which focuses on improving development life cycle in different areas such as: Continuous Integration & Delivery, Container Base Deployment as well as initiating a change towards a DevOps culture. Believing in the added value of the community,

Felix is very involved in many user groups in the Montreal area such as: the Montréal JUG and Montreal Docker User Group. Furthermore, Felix is also a council member of the Dynatrace User Group and a Speaker at JavaOne 2016.


There are many tools on the market all with pros and cons to help make software programming more interesting, but there aren’t many methods on how to get them motivated and passionate about writing software. In this talk I will illustrate my journey on how I was able to interest kids to Java programming. Through examples I will demonstrate how I got them excited about learning to code using Greenfoot and show how simple it is to engage them in programming by creating a fun game while learning basic concepts of software engineering.

This session is for Java programmer, who would like to share their passion with a younger generation.