Spring Security and Oauth 2 by Carlos Salazar

Spring Security Oauth2 for Spring and Spring Boot web projects

How to secure Spring MVC and Spring REST projects with Spring OAUTH2, needs, benefits and configuration.

• Present the strong need of using a well tested framework to secure our Web applications.

• Review the current specification of Spring for Spring Security (OAUTH2).

• Benefits in terms of Ciber Security at application level of using Spring Security.

• Describe in general terms the best practices for configuring Spring Security in our projects (code examples).

• Communication between Spring MVC and Spring OAUTH2 applications with Spring Security (code examples).

• Q & A

Carlos Salazar

Carlos Salazar is the founder of https://codesolt.com, an online community for Java Developers that offers free online programming courses and has 10k page-views per month.

Also works as a Java Architect at http://www.totalplay.com.mx. the best Internet Service Provider at Mexico (according to Netflix) and has more than 5 years of experience in companies such as Scotiabank and Avon.

He has been giving tech conferences for the past 2 years in Mexico in front of audiences bigger than 1500 people. Here you can see one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGsMoD0hLUc